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Multimedia Input Gateway (MI Gateway):

In clinical environment, there exist a variety of medical image storage devices which use different image formats. As the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard becomes popular nowdays, the nonconformity in DICOM of the image data generated by older imaging modalities causes barrier in image comunication and exchange. The purpose of the Multimedia Input Gateway is to accept different image formats from various medical data storage devices and convert them into DICOM formatted images. The converted DICOM images can either be stored in the local disk of the MI gateway or sent to a DICOM acquisition gateway, a PACS server, or display workstations. The MI Gateway provides a solution to non-DICOM conformed images in radiology departments or hospitals for image communication and exchange.

  • Input Devices:
    * MOD (Magnetic Optical Device)
    * Tape (4mm)
    * DVD / CD
    * Floppy

  • Output Devices:
    *Local Disk
    *Acquisition Gateway
    *PACS Server
    *Display Workstation

  • Input Image Format:
    * BMP (Bitmap)

  • Output Image Format:

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