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BME 528: Medical Imaging Informatics

Professors : Huang & Liu

Textbook: Huang “PACS and Imaging Informatics” 2nd Edition, Wiley & Sons, 2010

Lecture 1:
Outline of the Course
Introduction to Medical Imaging Informatics

Lecture 2:
Review Integration of HIS, RIS, PACS, and ePR
Concept of PACS-based Imaging Informatics and Computer-Aided Detection and Diagnosis

Lecture 3:
Introduction of an Imaging Informatics Research Laboratory
Hands-on Experience of a PACS Simulator
IPILab, 734 W Adams Blvd, STE KER-201
Introduction of Special Class Project

Lecture 4:
A DICOM-RT Based Multi-media ePR System with Knowledge-Base for
Decision Support in Radiation and Ion Therapy

Lecture 5:
Integrating Imaging Technologies for the Development of an ePR for Minimally
Invasive and Image-Guided Spinal Surgery

Lecture 6:
A Disease-Oriented Imaging Informatics-based e-Folder System for Multiple
Sclerosis (MS) Decision Support

Lecture 7:
A Multi-Media ePR System to Improve Decision Support in Pre- and Re habilitation Engineering
An Imaging Informatics-based System for Large-Scale Clinical Stroke Rehabilitation Trials

Lecture 8:
Imaging Biomarkers: What they are, how they are computed, and how they will
change medicine (Special Guest Lecture)
Special Class Project: First Update

Lecture 9:
Computer Aided Diagnosis for Bone Age Assessment of Children and Clinical Applications

Midterm Examination

Lecture 10:
A Stand-Alone Computer Aided Detection System for Acute Intra-cranial Hemorrhage in Emergency Environments
Special Class Project: Second Update

Lecture 11:
Integration of CAD Results w/ PACS and Clinical Workflow:
The CAD/PACS Integration Toolkit and Clinical Examples
Fault-Tolerant Medical Imaging System Design & Applications

Lecture 12:
Data Storage Grid for Clinical Applications

Lecture 13:
Imaging Informatics Research in a Clinical Environment:
Tour of USC Radiology HCC2 Imaging Department (HIS/RIS/PACS/VR)

Special Class Project Presentations

Grading Policy:
Projects/Homework: 30%
Take home Midterm: 30%
Take home Final: 40%

CAD for AIH and Acute Ischemic Stroke on CT

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