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CAD-PACS © is a software toolkit using DICOM and IHE designed for the integration of CAD results with PACS workflow. CAD-PACS © toolkit is a software package with two versions, the DICOM-SC TM (DICOM-Secondary Capture) version, and the DICOM-IHE TM version (Figure 1). The DICOM-SC TM convert the screen shot of the CAD results to a DICOM secondary capture image file for PACS workstations (WSs) to display, while the CAD-PACS © DICOM-IHE TM version uses the DICOM Structured Report (SR) function and IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) workflow profiles for system integration design and implementation.


Figure 1. Figure 1 Integrating the CAD results with a PACS using the i-CAD-SC TM.

Figure 2. Step-by-step workflow of integrating CAD results from a standalone CAD WS or a CAD server with a PACS server using the CAD-PACS © DICOM-IHE TM. Refer to Fig. 1 for the residence of the four modules (shaded boxes); i-CAD ™ : at CAD WS; i-PPM TM and Receive-SR TM: at PACS Server; and Display-SR TM: at PACS WS

Preliminary Results

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