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A Medical Imaging Informatics Data Grid for Archiving and Distributing DICOM

The Next Generation of Fault-Tolerant Storage and Distribution for Multi-center Backup and Recovery of Radiological Images and Reports

Advantages over traditional storage system:

  • Seamless to the Client and Fully DICOM-Compliant
  • Easily Scalable and Heterogeneous in Platforms & Resources
  • Fault-Tolerant and Automatically Recoverable


This project was started in 2005 at the Image Processing and Informatics Laboratory as an off-site back-up solution for multi-center radiological images and PACS. Utilizing DICOM-compliant middleware services and open-source grid software, the Data Grid system provides DICOM metadata storage and query/retrieve services, remote-site replication of DICOM images, and authenticated and reliable GridFTP file transfers across Internet2 connectivity between nodes. The result is a fault-tolerant and virtualized repository that integrates seamlessly across remote PACS infrastructures.

Imaging-based Clinical Trials

The Medical Imaging Informatics Data Grid opened doors that go beyond being a back-up solution for PACS sites. At the RSNA Conference in 2006, the Image Processing and Informatics Laboratory demonstrated the Medical Imaging Informatics D ata Grid as a grid-based solution for retrieving anonymized patient data in imaging-based clinical trials where logistical and temporal challenges limit the efficiency of a radiology core conducting these trials. The requirements of continuous availability, HIPAA-compliant auditing, and maintaining data integrity were addressed with technologies developed at the IPILab.

Figure 1. The Fundamental 4 Layers of Data Grid Technology Infrastructure.    

Figure 2. Workflow for Clinical and Research Archiving of DICOM images into the Medical Imaging Informatics Data Grid.

Published Papers:

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The Medical Imaging Informatics Data Grid project has been funded by MI2 .

Workflow Diagrams

Figure 3. The workflow of storing PACS studies to the DICOM data grid

Figure 4. The workflow of Query/Retrieve studies from DICOM data grid.
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