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A Data Grid Model for Combining Teleradiology and PACS Operations


The use of teleradiology for X-ray image communication and display was introduced as early as 1972 and the PACS concept was conceived in 1982; after more than twenty years of technological advancement and refinement, both teleradiology and PACS have become indispensable components in today’s healthcare delivery system. Although both teleradiology and PACS share many common technological components and workflow profiles, these two imaging-based systems are operated independently and are not readily integrated. This research describes a method for the integration of enterprise PACS and teleradiology operations in terms of image archive, reporting, and workflow using a Data Grid model based on DICOM standard and IHE (Integrating Healthcare Enterprise) workflow profiles.


Figure 1 describes the basic architecture.

Figure 1. Enterprise level large-scale PACS and teleradiology combined model using the Grid Computing technology. The center of the figure is the grid computing infrastructure consisting of the Data Grid with the DICOM standard and IHE (Integrating Healthcare Enterprise) workflow profiles. The Data Grid handles the image and reports storage, and other grid computing resources take care of the workflow and management. The top row is the enterprise PACS consists of 1,…, N PAC systems. The bottom row depicts the pure teleradiology model with 1,…, M operations. Each PACS in the model has a shared storage contributed to the Data Grid. The Data Grid has a major component, “Teleradiology DICOM”, to direct the image and report workflow. Shaded areas represent the data storage contribution of PAC systems and Teleradiology to the Data Grid. In this model, radiologists at both PAC systems and teleradiology operation cover each other’s reading, and the Data Grid allows the sharing of the storage resources for both PAC systems and teleradiology operation.

Preliminary Results

Although the Data Grid model is defined, due to the complexity of its implementation, development of using the Grid Computing technology for Enterprise level PACS and teleradiology combined model is still in its infancy.


Huang HK, Brent J, Liu, Zheng Zhou, Jorge Documet. A Data Grid Model for Combining Teleradiology and PACS Operations, J Med Imag Tech 2006 (accepted).

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